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    Consultancy and training for leaders and teams

    Talentbrand is a strategic consultancy that helps clients design meaningful employee experiences develop their employer brand, and build a diverse and inclusive culture. Founded in 2016, Talentbrand offers strategic consulting as well as training for leaders and teams.



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    Employer Branding Consulting

    Employer Branding can’t simply be about a few campaigns and some bean bags in your office. It has to be a part of your business strategy and it has to be aligned with all organisational experiences. Employer branding is about consistent communication, positive emotions, meaningful experiences and building relationships.

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    Employee Experience Design

    We help you place experience at the center of your people strategy and support you in adopting an experience-focused mindset.

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    Build a truly inclusive organisational culture and integrate diversity into your organization’s employer brand communication.

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    Public Speaking

    Judit Radnai Toth, founder of Talentbrand has given presentations and led workshops around Europe. Her talks are designed to shift audiences’ perspectives about the impact of employer branding, diversity and experience design.

  • Employer Branding Strategy Development

    Employer Branding Audit | EVP creation | Strategy development | Implementation

  • The Talentbrand approach begins with understanding your organisation's true character through research. By doing a thorough audit of your employer brand we will have a clear picture of your organisation's strengths.

    We build on a deep understanding of the business the talent market and the current employee experience to define your employer value proposition that is true, attractive and distinctive. We help you focus your efforts on the right talent groups, the people, who have the expertise you need to meet your business objective. Together we design employee experiences so there will be no gaps between what you promise and reality. We build value-driven, diverse communities within and outside your organisation, to make your recruitment more effective.

  • How It Works


    Kick off

    Understanding your business need, objectives, strategy and expectations.



    Discovering current employer brand experience, understanding your target group and your talent market competitor’s.


    EVP Development

    Defining your vision as an employer and creating your Employer Value Proposition (EVP).



    Strategy Development

    Defining your employer branding strategy and developing a detailed action plan and roadmap for the next 12 months.

  • Employee Experience Design 

    Experience is the new success

  • In recent years our behaviours as customers has dramatically changed, which also had an impact on our expectations towards workplaces. We seek for unique personalized experiences everywhere. In the experience economy organisations need to adapt, and implement an experience-driven mindset. It means, they have to place employee experience in the center of their HR processes.

    We help you place experience at the center of your people strategy and support you in adopting the right mindset.


  • Employee Experience DesignSprint

    The Employee Experience (EX) Design Sprint with TalentBrand is a 2-day long process. It is a fast and efficient way for solving challenges, developing new HR processes and improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into a few days.

    As a first step we evaluate the current experience, we map the employee journey and pinpoint the “moments that matter”. This step is followed by the EX Design Sprint where we define problems, look for gaps, pain points, as well as strength and resources. We brainstorm on possible solutions, and decide what needs to be done to optimize the employee experience.

    We create an optimized process prototype and test it with real users (employees, managers).



    The outcome of the EX Design Sprint is an HR process prototype, tested by real users (employees, managers) and a clear action plan on the next steps.

    Let’s design the employee experience in your organisation together

  • DEIB

    Diversity | Equity | Inclusion | Belonging

  • DEI has been linked to more creativity and innovation in the workplace. When people with different backgrounds and experiences are brought together in an inclusive environment, it leads to more effective problem-solving. Talenbrand helps you building an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and able to contribute their diverse perspectives. Our workshops equip your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to recognize and overcome biases, explore diversity dimensions, and identify key focus areas of action to create an inclusive environment that embraces diverse perspectives.

  • Public Speaking  

  •  Judit Radnai Toth, founder of Talentbrand has given presentations and led workshops around Europe. Her talks are designed to shift audiences’ perspectives about the impact of employer branding, diversity and experience design

    Typical presentation subjects include:

    • How to define your EVP and align it with all organisational experiences
    • The ROI of employer branding and employee experience design
    • How to integrate diversity into your employer branding communication
    • Experience-driven organisations (CX-EX design). 
  • Judit


     Employer Branding and Employee Experience Strategist, Trainer, Public Speaker, Founder of Talentbrand

    Judit is an Employer Branding and Employee Experience strategist with a deep understanding of corporate and startup environments. As a consultant with solid experience on both company and agency sides, she helps organizations build their employer brand and design inclusive employee experience.


    Judit understands how to bring together HR, marketing, and business and drive growth through a well-defined employee experience strategy. Having more than 10 years of experience in employer branding, communication, and HR service design she has developed strong expertise in these fields.


    Judit founded Talentbrand in 2016, throughout the past years, she managed several employer branding, talent acquisition, diversity and HR service design projects, organized events, and training for both global and Hungarian clients.


    In her volunteer time, she advocates for diversity, women in tech, and mentoring startups.


    Specialties: employer branding, employee experience design, diversity&inclusion, talent acquisition, training

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