• Employee Experience Design 

  • Experience is the new success

    In recent years our behaviours as customers has dramatically changed, which also had an impact on our expectations towards workplaces. We seek for unique personalized experiences everywhere. In the experience economy organisations need to adapt, and implement an experience-driven mindset. It means, they have to place employee experience in the center of their HR processes.

    We help you place experience at the center of your people strategy and support you in adopting the right mindset.


    Employee Experience DesignSprint

    The Employee Experience (EX) Design Sprint with TalentBrand is a 2-day long process. It is a fast and efficient way for solving challenges, developing new HR processes and improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into a few days.

    As a first step we evaluate the current experience, we map the employee journey and pinpoint the “moments that matter”. This step is followed by the EX Design Sprint where we define problems, look for gaps, pain points, as well as strength and resources. We brainstorm on possible solutions, and decide what needs to be done to optimize the employee experience.

    We create an optimized process prototype and test it with real users (employees, managers).



    The outcome of the EX Design Sprint is an HR process prototype, tested by real users (employees, managers) and a clear action plan on the next steps.

    Let’s design the employee experience in your organisation together

  • Design the employee experience in your organisation together!